Apps are a big part of an Android smartphone and everyone is clung onto some or the other app for either leisure or work. Google Paly Store is loaded with many apps that can be helpful in your daily life. They can also be used for gaming as this is taking the world by storm. Everywhere you see people using their phones for some or the reason. Smartphones have been used for many activities and the best part about them is that they provide multi-utility. There are many kinds of apps available in the play store. Some are paid while others are free. The regular users like to use a free version of the app as they do not wish to purchase something which is just for entertainment. However, there are both versions available for use. Let us look at the basic difference between paid and free apps.

What do paid apps do?

There are many apps that are free and run efficiently without causing any issues to the user. Then why should anyone purchase one? A user is always loyal to an app if they pay for it and it has higher revenue as compared to the free ones. This is also great if the customer base is larger as you would get more revenue generated from the same customers. If you are a startup company and have launched your app to create a brand image or it is for a marketing reason; then a paid app will not help you at all. You need to launch the app for free. If the app is not a recognized one or maybe is not popular enough then users will not be ready to spend on the apps. You will first need to create a customer base for your app and then maybe, charge them so that they will be ready to pay for it. There are many apps that offer discounts and loyalty points and if your customer base has such users then they will definitely not pay for your app. Moreover, android is an open platform and people keep on launching the apps every now and then. For an app which is popular in the market and is paid; there are many other apps which offer the same features and that too for free of charge so the users would not want to go and purchase them at any cost.

Free Apps

On the other hand, free app users are much more than the paid ones. In fact, the Android market is based out of such users. There is no limit to such app downloads. They can download it at any point, use it and see if it is of any relevance to them. If yes, they will continue with it and if not they will simply delete it there and then. You can also earn from the free apps in many ways as the customer base is more as compared to paid apps. This is because the in-app ads are more in the free version. So if a user clicks on the ad then the developer of the app gets paid for it by the advertising company. This is very common in the most popular apps available in the Play Store these days. You will also find that most of the apps in iTunes are free of charge. This is in spite of the huge customer base of iPhone users. But that is a brand image which Apple needs to protect and this is also a reason for the apps to be free of charge. We found an informative infographic to understand users behavior on buying apps –


This is one app which is very much in demand. This app is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded free of charge. It is useful for the users who wish to use the paid apps without actually paying for it. Yes, you read that right. The apps that are paid can be downloaded and used from the 9Apps with ease. In case if you do not find this app, you can get it from some of your friends who have it. All you would need is the 9Apps APK. Any user can do a 9Apps Install on their smartphone. For people who are fond of the popular app Pokemon Go and cannot download it as it is restricted in India; they can find the same on this app and can download it as well. It is that effective for an app and most importantly the app is completely free of charge.

So the next time you search for an app on the Google Play Store or the App Store; do your research and decide if you really want to spend for an app or not. Of course, a paid app would have its positives and negatives but you can decide for yourself on the same.