Generally people follow wrong ways to post their content and share them on social media websites and in result such share do not get any values. First it’s important to understand the difference between social media marketing and content marketing because, there are lots of people or newbie who are not familiar with the content marketing and social media marketing. There are many distinct factors between these two strategies with unique aims. Just look at the points:

Different Aim or Objectives:

Businesses or companies typically use social media marketing for two main functions that are:

  • Making Brand Awareness (Generating activity & discussion around the brand)
  • Used for customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Participation, Anticipation and Coordination.

“Social media marketing is process of gaining traffic or attention through social media websites.”

While, the content marketing focused on long term-relationship between customers and client. Businesses upload high-quality content on their website for attracting more and more customers in order to convert them into potential customers.

“Content marketing is a technique of creating valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire targeted audience – with the point of driving profitable customers.”

Content Marketing Mission

Marketing is ongoing process which goes along with competition and changes. Since few decades we can see various technique used by marketers including TV , radio ads, newspaper, door to door marketing, telephonic, social media marketing and content marketing etc. Internet research is broadly used to find the information’s, it is also an affordable and reliable resource for buyers to search information although it facilitate to users but generating more competition among online marketing. Now a big question is how you pretend yourself in front of audience so they can find you, when they search on internet?

Content marketing is a way to reach at the targeted audience, basically, content marketing is the art of promoting products or services by providing valuable information to readers. It looks easy but it’s not as you need to educate and entertain your audience with your content. In content marketing we don’t have to write promotional content for particular services or product but the need to write content that can make a buyer more intelligent on particular information. The ultimate goal of providing information to buyers is gaining trust and more visibility from internet researchers.

MEASURE and Increase your Content Performance.

Creating an amazing content is a key of getting success in content marketing. Everybody love to know new things but no one want to get bore at all. It’s better to pass your message with fun, interactive video or photo that comes in noticed fast.  There are some popular tools available online like PowToon, GoAnimate and piktochart that can be used by nontechnical buddies. Wait, your task isn’t complete here, once you have included all spices in your content and published now it’s very important to measure the success of your content popularity.

Social Media Marketing Objectives

All contents are not profitable and they always need continual optimization. Google event tracking is the finest way to track the performance of your content and events. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn also provide separate dashboard where users can watch the traffic flow and updates. The ultimate goal of social media marketing is not only to create your company profile at social media website but also to reach at your audience. Although we can set multiple object with social media marketing including branding, social media and market research, find excited clients and influence word of mouth etc. In the long run we can say that Content marketing and social media marketing are two important part of modern Internet marketing, and every business needs to get involved with them for success of both online and offline business.