Influencer marketing is a method to promote your products or services among a large audience with the reference of industries influencers.

Who is Influencer?

An Influencer can be individual or a group of people who have the power to change buying decision of others. They are higher trusted, more authorities, industries leader’s persons with the strong presence.

Influencer marketing has become a premium way to promote business as marketers giving high priority to such methods. However, this marketing requires more expertise as its never like eating burgers. It is supposed to have unique communication skills, great presence of mind, enthusiasm to increase engagement.

Prior to list tips, I like to brief benefits of influencer marketing. By influencer marketing, you suddenly appear in front of a large audience which may result in an increase of potential customers or huge traffic on your website. It also gives you benefits in long terms SEO and you see the advantage in organic search result. Here are few advantage that I like to share which will help you to understand major benefits of Influence Marketing

  • Expanding Authoritative Inbound Links Profile

Strong Backlinks are major ranking factors and they work as a vote for your website. However, Google algorithm start to think like a human and able to justify link is artificial or naturals. Natural links are defiantly strong signals to increase ranking and in other hands, artificial links are useless and even may harm your website ranking in search engine.  When you produce content with the aim of generating targeted referral traffic and add value to the large audience to improve your reach, you’re creating organic and natural links that may expand your backlinks.

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You need to interview people and collect a data of problem which they face in your industry. Such problem is the basic agenda to craft content these contents will help them to find solutions of their query and you will earn high reach, a huge audience and sure trust.

  •  Brand Visibility & Engagement

Anybody who finds you with an influencer has a more chance of following you back and you see your audience increasing automatically. A bigger audience means more traffic, more subscribers, and of course, more leads.

With influencer marketing, you will realize good improvement in referral and direct traffic. Not each traffic will be converted into repeated visit but there is high chance that potential traffic will repeat and revisit % will increase. It’s very important to know that direct traffic and repeated traffic consider in ranking factors.

  • Increased Content Reach

We all must be agree that there is no advantage of unique content until it does not reach to potential audience. influence marketing gives you scope to deal with a ready-made audience because any content you produced that is shared by an influencer will instantly gain more reach and visibility.

Other people will likely curate that content and link back to it, or quote the influence in their own social media posts or to link back to your content to cite facts and statements from the influence.

  • Additional Content Opportunities

When you build a relationship with the number of influencers, some may ask you to participate in their content activities like- webinars, comments, products review and some volunteer work.

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How to make a good relationship with influence?

Lots of visibility, Brand awareness, increase on repeat visits, Spike on leads… all these benefits sound very attractive. Sadly, it’s not easy anytime!! Many people try to approach influencers by sending the email with no result. unfortunate, some people even drop the idea to approach influence marketing and continue with old tactics. There are some tips I would like to list here that can help you to build good relationship with influencers –

  • Create a list of influencers

Just one or two influencers are not enough so you must have a list of influencers. Your list should contain small, medium and high-level influencers.

Tips – Few platforms like Buzzsumo, hashtagify, FollowerWonk, LinkedIn will be helpful to find best influencers.

  • Follow Your Influencers

When you complete with the list of influencers you should start following them and get noticed. Make meaningful and engaging comments or reply to your influencers also take quick action on every post. It will help to earn the confidence of your influencers.

  • Provide Value to Your Influencers

Give them reasons to listen to you and don’t expect to get a reply without any substantial reason. you instead inspire/hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

  • Share Influencers Content Smartly

The Influencers will be delighted to see when they find their posts getting more shares, likes and follows. However, it’s very important that you do it smartly else you will be lost in the crowd. You can write few words and mentioned your influencers profile or link his post as a recommendation. Read this blog Create Killer Content to write more effective copy of content.

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No matter your business is small or big, there are the number of influencers exist and you have a chance to get huge benefits from them. AroraSEOInfluencer marketing is a method to promote your products or services among a large audience with the reference of industries influencers. Who is Influencer? An Influencer can be individual or a group of people who have the power to change buying decision of others. They are higher trusted, more authorities,...SEO Blogs