No one can ignore the importance of SEO services and need of a web marketing consultant to grow online business. If you planning to hire a freelancer or SEO company to boost your online presence, then it’s really important for you to understand the objective of SEO services for your business before choosing an SEO firm.

Why mostly business needs SEO/ Object of hiring SEO Service

A business requires Search Engine Optimization services for various reasons. Top 3 reasons are mentioned below, choose your reasons:

  • Your online visibility and sale is nothing but you are aware that there is lot of business you are missing online.
  • Your online sale is average but you want SEO help on latest trends going in the market and looking areas of improvement or advertising plan that can lead to more relevant traffic to website.
  • You are big brand and you want to maintain your brand and ranking.

In other hand there can be custom objects of hiring SEO services which includes link removal (Recovery from penguin penalty), online reputation management, onetime SEO consultation report, on page SEO implementation, link building services, PPC management, reputation management by content marketing etc.

Search Traffic Facts

Do you know approx 70% to 80% of Internet Users never go beyond the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing etc? It means if your business website does not appear on the first page of the search results, 80 online users are never going to your business at next page. However, reaching on the first page of search engines, which is an extremely competitive place to reach today is the big problem for most of the businesses.

Hubspot Marketing Study


It is very important to take care of your online presence and give high visibility in search engine to attain your online marketing goals. A bad marketer may spoil your online reputation so it is recommended choosing only reliable source. But, it is really not easy to find such a company. Therefore, we are providing four methods that will surely help you in finding a reliable SEO company.

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Questions to ask SEO Company:

If you’re searching for a SEO company that performs right and effective SEO for your website, then you must ask some key questions. A few of the important questions are listed below:

  1. How long have you been in this business?
  2. What is your methodology?
  3. How long is the online marketing contract?
  4. Do you have long-term satisfied customers and clients? If yes, can you provide references?
  5. How many pages will you be optimizing in my website?
  6. What kind of clients do you normally work with?
  7. Have you worked with companies in my industry before?
  8. Are you working with any of my competitor company?
  9. Do you provide any kind of guarantees?
  10. What other services do you offer?
  11. How do you charges for SEO projects
  12. How many keywords you are targeting for your SEO site. Ask ranking of his company website!
  13. What are your techniques and tactics?
  14. Who will optimize my site?

All the above questions are very important and will help you in getting the most reliable SEO Company.


Portfolio of an SEO company will tell you know how successfully have been with its SEO techniques or strategies. You must compare different SEO companies’ portfolios based on their quotes with costs they usually offered. It is very common that every SEO company promises first page ranking at cost effective SEO prices, but such promises are fake. You can cross-check how many clients the companies’ haves, how many clients or customers they have been able to retain, make an soft call to their client to take a short feedback of SEO services, what search engine ranking their clients, etc are a few of the indicators you can expect from a reliable SEO company

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Language Barrier – Every business can not cover global market and their focus to attain business from local customers only. They usually have a specific targeted market who speaks specific language and live in specific city only. Let’s take an example, if there is a vegetable store in Saudi Arabia and business owner can serve his services to local cities, he designed his website in local language, then hiring an SEO firm from another country can be risky in comparing hiring SEO services in Saudi Arabia because other counties SEO experts will not be aware about local language, culture & atmosphere.

Cross check:

You can cross check the SEO Company through several ways, including checking whether the company has any case study on its site or it is possible for you to speak to a client to cross check. You can read various SEO companies have reviews and testimonials on their business sites with client information just written below the testimonials. Hence, you can contact with the clients and ask about all the points that are mentioned by the clients in their testimonials and reviews. If you found that some of the companies display their client’s logos on their websites, you can call them to check on the reliability and the reputation of the companies. Call directly to the 5 to 10 SEO Companies and ask them about the strategies they will be implementing on your SEO campaign.

Compare SEO Company in Quality parameters

There are many online tools for checking website health and can give you insight details about website popularity. Apart of using these tools you can check website popularity manually by finding –

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Page rank: You can use it for checking the current page rank of the various companies, and a higher Page Rank will be the best. Usually, Page rank (PR) is a measure from 0 (the lowest rank) to 10 (the highest rank). You can use this rank to find the quality of the SEO Company’s websites. But unfortunately since long back Google did not update page rank so page rank isn’t only source to determine website quality and its popularity.

Domain Authority & Page Authority: Domain authority developed by Moz on that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine. They score to other site with 100 but getting 100 isn’t possible for every website so don’t expect for 100 DA because only Facebook, Google has such DA. 35+ DA isn’t bad score.

Alexa: This Tool will help you to optimize the company’s websites, and the Traffic History Graph will enable you to generate a traffic history graph for any SEO company. Alexa offers free site information and traffic statistics that will help you help in SEO and traffic analysis of company’s web sites.

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