No matter what kind of startup business you are running online but it is very important that how you project your business among your audience. We have number of example for successful web business or ecommerce business which took small time to become a big entrepreneur with the help of digital marketing and now they are well known brands. There is another terrible fact that approx 80% of startup businesses get fail and there are lot of reasons behind it like choosing wrong product, avoiding new technology, lack of planning, not right team etc. There are few tips I listed below that startup should follow to grow as a successful online business –

Web Presence for Your Services or Product

While we talk about generating online business it is very important to show your web presence, where you have listed your products or services details. There are few factors of good design –

  • It must have simple and clear navigation to browse products or services so make it customer friendly.
  • It must be very easy to buy products or services and it should not be more than two steps. So make it easy to buy!!
  • Use simple words, easy to understand and grammar error free content on your website. Avoid duplicate content.
  • Avoid use of Frame, flash if possible. Only use if they boost your message as Google search engine suggests not using frames on page.

Find Requirement and Fill It

This is ongoing process to boost the chance of your online business success. You need to research on internet to search available custom requirements. There are lots of forums and questions answers community available which provide equal platform to find the genuine requirements. It is also advised to create some videos, infographics images or books or other valuable stuff for free to your audience and share it online that will help to establish you as an expert on particular niche. Make sure to provide quick response that will generate trust and it is also a sign of reliable source.

SEO PPC and SMO to drive Targeted Buyers

The first rule of researching keywords for your products or services is you need to think like a customer and try to analysis what kind of the benefits of your product is providing to your customers. Do a keyword research on Google keyword planner to identify the keywords that searchers are using to find your product or services. Make sure to find keywords which have higher search traffic but minimum competition.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way of optimizing your entire web site including content, images, code, scripts, designs and web promotion so that there is a high chance that your Web site appear at the higher position in search engine for your selected keywords. The major benefits of getting organic result is that it provide higher conversion rate, long term benefits, brand awareness, lower bounce rate with useful traffic. If you are interesting on study SEO on page optimization tips Click here
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – Pay-per-click advertising is the excellent way to launch startup website as there are two benefits first it drive traffic instantly so you get chance to meet with huge audience and second you can understand which keywords are more useful by measuring the performance of your campaign. Additionally you can add profitable keywords in your website content and code, which will also help on organic search rankings. Make sure your landing page provide value to your visitors and having call to action factor in it. This rule does not only apply for startup business but also should be taken care by all.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMO) – Social media is broad as millions of users keep on active so all business have chance to promote their business by market their business on these social networking sites like Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, pinterest marketing. The advantageous things are that most of all these social networking sites are free for users and allow number of ways to promote business. Recently I wrote step by step startup guide for social media promotion it might help to startup business on building useful presence. Additionally I like to share an awesome infographic at where designer smartly defines how to build online presence.

how to build brand
Email Marketing and Cold Calling –

  • Email marketing – Email marketing can provide you hottest leads as email marketing a way to send commercial message to a group of people or potential community to generate sales. Each email which sent to prospective customers is considered as email marketing. We generally perform email marketing for business request, Sales or offers, and meant to build trust and brand awareness. There are various email marketing tools available online that can help startup like Mailchimp, Aweber etc
  • Cold Calling – Cold calling is method that uses to increase sales and brand awareness and a great way to convince potential customers to purchase product or service. There is two way to start cold calling Internal or external. Most of the organization hire call centers as professional call center is easy to hire like also hiring call centers by startup save lot of resource like hiring team, training expense, managers cost etc. If you are not thinking to hire any call center then you must read a valuable post at about Seven Secrets of Cold Calling Success. You must ask customers to visit to your website.

However I believe that there’s no way to measure what you’re worth if you are running some more strategy please share it in comment area that will help to improve value of this content. AroraSEOSocial MediaNo matter what kind of startup business you are running online but it is very important that how you project your business among your audience. We have number of example for successful web business or ecommerce business which took small time to become a big entrepreneur with the help of...SEO Blogs