A business plan is a flow chart of any business to achieve mutual goals of company and provide profit to stack holders. All these can be possible with a perfect business plan which based on clear details of marketing budget, funding sources, strategy, sales targets short and long term business goals etc. Creating successful online marketing strategy for increasing public relations is one of the most challenging tasks for big or small enterprise. One basic thing that mostly marketers need to understand before planning is “Great PR strategy is all about helping your customer” most of marketer ignore it and focus on sales without keeping it in mind. Remember, without a PR Strategy, you as a business owner can possibly win work and sustain customers / clients relationships, but it will be extremely difficult for you to go through new markets.

Social Advertising – The Best Advertising isn’t advertising

In 2014, Facebook and twitter made their platforms a lot easier for marketers to reach their target audiences, look for it to continue in 2015. Today, the consumers spend the greater part of time on the internet with over 70% on mobile devices. The main format to connect on such social networks is about quality and interesting post and there is no space for boring posts. You have to be very relevant as well create and execute special events designed for public outreach. Two-way dialogue compulsory in today’s digital world, so ensure your Facebook communications and tweeting is not completely about you. Listen and respond your customers as well as critics because it is the only way to make long term relationships with your clients / customers.

Google provide equal opportunity to branded or non branded website to attract people towards their products and services. Your Social media updates play major role in success of your marketing Campaigns so it is necessary to be updated with trendy topics. There are many tools available online but I recommend to get connected with –

Write Content Which Add Value to Readers Knowledge

Businesses need to provide consumers what they exactly want. The best way to get this 2015 is through high quality unique content with relevant information. People actually read your content to get some help so don’t forget to make it worthy else the reader will not come back to read your blogs.

Not just big amount of content, but unique and high quality content. It is one of the most significant factors in ranking a site today, and content going to be more and more important as the time. Traditional marketing like newspaper and TV adverts is still very costly and everybody has no budget for this type of expensive marketing medium but in other hand online marketing is very affordable you can create your own YouTube channel and share some business oriented video with no cost. Apart of video you can start your own blog to be connect with people and wordpress or blogspot is cool place to start freely but I recommend to start a blog with own domain name with full controls as domain name is available on INR 600 for a year and INR 1000 cost for starting web hosting packages.

Don’t Forget your Aim and Target Only Correct Audience

Two most imperative questions you must ask to yourself are what you are trying to talk or communicate and how you are aiming to be seen. These two questions you need to ask yourself when planning public relations strategies and campaign to raise your business awareness. The best way to communicate with your target audience is through your content so make your entire content relevant as possible based on your profile knowledge of your target audience. Think about what your business competitors are saying and how what you want to say is unique and important.

It’s not easy in practical because engagement does not mean that you always going for selling your products. It’s more time consuming however every organization never want to drop chance to gain new customers so we can’t ignore the value of social engagement. Many organizations also hire online marketing firms and outsource their marketing work to different countries like India, china, Philippine. These countries can serve resources at very nominal charges to western countries. I also recommend Outshine Solutions or SEO services India in case people are looking for any firm to hire or outsource their online marketing work to these countries.

Determine Your Target Communities

You must find out groups or communities whose opinions or views you want to influence. Hence, it is so vital to target those communities. The target audience of a Non-Government Organization (NGO) group that is attempting to increase its awareness through a campaign, including past and local business owners, both existing and past donors. It can be very risky to ignore local search engines as almost all major local search engines available with Mobile app and billions of people use these apps to search services on their local sites.

No Public Relation or online marketing strategy is complete without consideration of local customers. I live in India and Justdial, Askme are very common local search engine which I used to find out the best restaurant, hospitals, café etc. one thing is important here that my research also depends upon the good reviews and ratings by existing users. Suppose I search Delhi’s engineering colleges on askme, I will follow review and ratting from existing students before selecting one.

Mobile Marketing

Today, over 90% cell phone users have their handset within their arm’s reach day in and day out, and location based marketing can take advantage of this massively. Hence, make sure that you have a mobile responsive theme with a responsive website. Focusing a lot of efforts on mobile marketing can redeem big time in 2015, and if the trends keep on than mobile marketing takeover internet marketing completely within some years. Hence, you need to make sure to put together the mobile users experience into your marketing campaigns because your competitor is not missing it. Below I am sharing an smart info graphic from sales forces which explain growth mobile enterprise –

mobile infographic india

Don’t forget about YouTube

Videos on YouTube. Com is becoming large for online marketers and professionals. They are not using YouTube only for SEO purposes, but for the company’s brand awareness and ribbing traffic. Read our previous post to do like star within Youtube

Define Your Goals Clearly

When making a public relations plan, having a goal in mind is very significant because goals vary and identifying them early will surely help you to find out the right direction for your business marketing campaign. Remember, if you don’t have a clear goal in your mind, then your marketing and public relations efforts will never succeed.

Do you have your own Strategies for public relations and marketing? If yes, share them with us here by posting a comment. Thanks!

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