Search Engine –

A search engine can be defined as a program or an information retrieval system that help us to search and find the data or information that we desire, on the internet. It provides the search result that we need by entering keywords on search box, and in that way search engine provides us a list of WebPages that matches the keywords. A keyword is the search topic. We can say the search facilitate global sharing of information and data. A number of search engine are famous on these days including Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL Search and Ask Jeeves  etc.


The origin of search engine can be traced back to 1990 when the first search engine was developed by Alan Emtage. The name of first search engine was Archie, This search engine was not known for the public use, but turned out to be a cause for lot of excitement in the computer world. There was some disadvantage with first search engine that it was unable to crawl files content and it only read the title of file. This problem was overcome by next search engine that was introduced by McCahil known as Gopher. After Gopher we got wandex search engine that let the users to search the web pages using keywords. However we cannot compare search quality with current search engine but these was the base for today’s sophisticated search engines.

Working of Search Engine

Search engine indexing process and responding to billions of web pages is very common task of any search engine. We can understand the process that they follow to index and rank pages on search result by understanding web crawling.

Web crawling – when you make search for keywords in search engine, it provide a list of related information. Prior to listing the related information and data, it has to find relevant information from its database. In order to find the related information search engines use software which is known as spider. The spider are program that scan the web pages to create a list of index of words that are found on the websites, and the process of creating a list of index of words by a spider known as web crawling.

Importance of search engine friendly websites –

Search engine friendly refer to a design of a website that includes images, video, menu, content management system and various other elements that help a search engine to get the maximum information about the website for the purpose of search engine exposure.  A search engine friendly website is important because, when your website is search engine friendly there is a higher chance for your visitor to find your website first in compare of website that are not well structure and optimized.

It is also important because in today’s corporate world many organizations are building their business through internet marketing. This internet marketing generally starts with your organization’s website. So it’s really important that website should be listed in such a way that it gains the attention of the customers.  All search engines want to produce best experience for their searchers so they keep update their algorithm to provide best result for searchers. These algorithms do never release for public so no one can say what exactly factors consider by search engine to rank any website. But time to time they release their blogs, videos to share their updates. You can browse our SEO category where you will get many tips for increasing visibility of your websites.