Today, web presence can affect your reliability, name and professional significance. India is a developing country and now even small businesses have understood that targeting online market can help their business. However due to lack of budget people get hesitate to start online business, some time they assume that it is quite risky or expensive to start online business. This post will let you know that how you can full fill your dreams by getting online presence with lower budget.

Need an Great Idea 

One thing should be clear that having a great idea and willing to execution can never stop you either you have low budget or zero budget. You need to come with an exciting idea or you must have expertise on particular niche. You must know – What are your product or services and how it can be helpful to buyers and lastly what about your profit or margin. Once you are ready with above concerned then next it’s time to show your business to world.

Purchase A Domain And Register It:

A domain name is a company’s online name, formatted like The process of buying a domain name and register it is extremely simple and inexpensive. When selecting a domain name, use your company name with no dashes and do not remove the vowels because words without vowels are difficult to read. Choose a short domain name that is contains few words because big domain names are hard to remember or type. For example, if you choose “”, then no one will remember it, and it won’t fit well on a business card. So, make sure that the domain name is easy to remind and easy to type.

Buy A Hosting Service:

Once you have purchased your domain name, then you require choosing a hosting company to host your website. You can start with a basic hosting package, or can adjust your hosting package according to business needs. Hosting space is the amount of data you can store on the web server and it’s very affordable in compare of hiring a property departmental store. The amount of space needed depends on the size of your website and price can be start from Rs.1500 to Rs10000 or more than this. When you hire a web hosting, it will manage all backend concerns, including server maintenance and repair service. So basically, web hosts are designed to make your web life easier.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses:

Sometimes it becomes important to look at every expense especially when your budget is low. It’s useless to hire a big staff, expensive rented property and expensive office furniture. Overspending is bad habit for startup for example take example of business cards. You could drop $1,000 on 500 metal business cards that give off the “cool” factor, or you could spend $10 on 500 traditional business cards. Being frugal in the beginning can be the difference between success and a failed business.


Once you have created your websites according your business needs and purchased a hosting; now you need to put your website out there through different marketing techniques for creating strong presence a web presence. You can promote your site with several marketing techniques include Search Engine Optimization, using Pay Per Click Campaign, affiliate marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media marketing. Look at the screen shot from Google trend that explain the popularity real story of online marketing

marketing changes for budget

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Website Marketing is a powerful way that allows clients and customers to know that your business is exactly what they require. Having a strong web presence created leads and entices existing clients. A site can keep on generating interest in your business for upcoming years once the primary work is done.

Find Best People:

Success depends on various factors and quality staff is one of the major factors that help you to taste of success. We know it is quite expensive to hire a big team or afford highly experience team for startup firms but as I said on the beginning of the article that no hurdle can stop you to chaise your dream. You can hire employees from freelancing websites, no matter that you are looking for work or affordable employees freelancing site available for you. I suggest you to go create free account on freelancer and post your requirement and also use other freelancing sites.

Defining Goals:

The goal of startups cannot be similar. May be achieving 500 subscribers for my blog per month is my goal while your goal is to generate revenue of $20,000 per month or may be more than this. First define it early and write it down, additionally you can send it to the entire team. Just make sure that everyone from your staff is aware about the goal of your startup and is prepared to work towards.

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