Money is the core attention of every business and it is very first requirement to survive in the world. Many big businesses have funds to run their online marketing strategy at the highest level with no difficulty and also they can afford experinced marketing consultants easily. But that does not mean that small business or startup who have a tight budget is completely out from the crowd. Still, there is inexpensive scope for everyone that required to find and implement right marketing strategy. I have added few here which you can use in digital world –

Use Power of LinkedIn group

LinkedIn not only allows you to create free groups but also it empower you to offer your expert network a vibrant, helpful information asset all while directing people to your site and expanding sales. Simply don’t utilize this platform for self-promotion as this will not going to help you in your business. However, this will help you to improve your business network and help you to find your long term marketing goals.

Remember, it will take some time and efforts to be popular on LinkedIn. There is normal search tendency of existing LinkedIn members that they find expert people to help their in specific niche. You would find huge experts in every industry that can help them at professional level so It is very important for you to get some good number endorsed from existing users.

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Get Published on Niche Blogs

Getting placement in a major magazine is difficult or expensive but publishing a post in a popular website is still possible with no cost. However, it’s not easy as it required more efforts and input from the publishers. You can offer few ideas to blogs admin and aware them with the benefits that they will get by posting your content. Generally, many bloggers like content which is unique, useful and can increase user’s engagement. Browse some popular guest blogging website-

You can also invite them for an online interview and write words for those on your website. This will entice blog manager to promote your content.

Hit & Trial Method

Instead of assuming in marketing, my suggestion is to face situation and get an approximate idea. You can also try free trail programs that reduce risk of lossing money. Like Outshine Solutions provide three month free trail program of their premium hotel booking portal and it is really helpful for hotel owners who wants to provide better user experince for their customers. Another useful example we have from  popular internt marketing tool, Moz. Moz offer 30 days free trail program for PRO tools. See, without testing – you won’t know what is best for you.

Get Endorsed by a Local Celebrity

Everyone want that there should be one popular superstar advertise their products but it’s expensive to get a superstar to support your business but try seeking out a local celebrity. You should connect with the people such as school principle, society chairman, social workers or people have done anything good for the society. It’s quite easy to connect with them on phone, direct or email. Let them know you would like to appreciate them by sending a gift. Some positive response can be useful marketing content for your products or services.

Create Videos For YouTube.

YouTube is amazing source to obtain quality traffic on your website. As per the popularity and huge active users its right choice to find customers for your website. list The marketing videos you create should include the following elements:

A keyword-oriented headline
A clear message
A call to action

If you are using the smart camera or smartphone with a decent camera, it will be easy to produce videos with no cost and it can be great tool of  your online marketing strategy.

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Write e-Book To Generates Leads

Writing an effective book can work as great lead generation tool for your online business. It has the power to encourage readers to take some specific actions. To ensure that you get benefits from your eBooks you need to extract your customers and it will typically include few factors –

Goals and challenges
Hobbies and interests

Once you have this information, you’ll be able to more easily and consistently produce targeted content. You’ll know the right topic to choose for your eBook and you’ll know how to speak in their language. Following above strategy, you would be able to match your online marketing goals even after the tight budget. If you think you have some good ideas, you can share by commenting.