We have stepped into the year 2019 and this makes me think that we are just 1 year left with this decade. The use of Internet has grown at a revolutionary pace and we are expecting to see many more technological wonders in 2019 also. This massive increase in the population using internet has made every business think of maintaining a strong online presence. Out of so many ways to do the same, web design is the best source to achieve a dominant online presence.

Great web design can boost your growth rate like never before. We just have to follow all latest web design trends that we are going to discuss today and we can gain the attention of more potential customers towards our brand. The possibilities are endless, but focus should be on picking trends that are expected to give maximum outcome this year.

Gathered here are some of the best web design trends to follow in 2019. Be creative, innovative, and implement web design essentials that people are willing to see.

1.   Serif-less logos:

Surprisingly many reputed brands have switched to the serif-less logos and it has worked well for them. Though rebranding seems quite old now, changing the logos playfully and to create a unique voice for the marketing seems a good idea. Those brands who have implemented serif-less logos have got a wonderful response from their customers. I saw using more than just Sans Serifs, and switching to Helvetica version also.

The best example is of Mail Chimp, their new version is the best and I feel it is suiting the brand more than the last. The new logo looks extremely justified. They have created a playful brand asset and a unique voice through this.

Along with MailChimp, Uber has also changed their logo. Take a look at their old and new versions.

We can expect many more brands to try to implement this idea to their web designs by the end of 2019.

2. Color Palette- Pastel colors, Black and White

Visual landmarks can be created only through the best combination of colors and images.

Color is a crucial factor because it is responsible to cultivate a perfect mood of the visitor, make the brand unique, and creates an everlasting image. So, if you want to create a positive impression on your customer’s mind then the color palette should be a prime focus while designing the website. It should be eye soothing, unique and bold at the same time.

In 2019, we are seeing more of pastel colors like living coral, millennial pink, etc. as well as the combination of Black and white. Based on your business essentials you can pick any trending color to create an ever-lasting impact.

Pastel colors give a lively look to your webpage. You can try any pastel color without any hesitation. Following examples will make you feel confident for using pastel colors in your web designs this year.

Examples of cool black-and-white web designs to look for;

Black and white seem perfect combination to make a bold move throughout of the box web designs. Even the tech giant “Apple” is using a black backdrop. Take a look;

Isn’t it great? White stands for peace and black for a bold move. This is why this combination is Undoubtedly a perfect web design to create an ever-lasting and memorable image on the user’s mind.

3. Colorful Asymmetrical organic shapes

Let’s begin with seeing some of the best-picked examples of some web designs that have used beautifully colored asymmetrical shapes and have not missed in creating an impeccable impression on their customers.

Cloudrise’s and Sugar’s home page is a great example to see how wonderfully organic shapes can be used for impressive web designs. You can explore a vast number of organic shapes because there are free-drawn elements. They are naturally imperfect you know and that’s the beauty of organic shapes.

Next example is of NEO Lab that has used geometrical elements, take a look;

Geometric structures like rectangles, squares, triangles, etc can be combined in many different ways to create a unique impact as we as a sense of stability.

Colorful organic shapes will be more trending in 2019.

4. More of Full-screen videos and video content

Well, are always an effective means of communication and its great impact on the audience’s mind is not hidden. With a greater number of organizations implementing interesting videos to showcase their products, services, and other offerings have become common. But those who are allowing their customers to see the full-screen videos are heading more rapidly than others. the reason why full-screen video is more preferred by the audience is that it catches user’s attention more than any other sources, it helps the users in understanding everything about you in a short time. People who are in hurry and may not have time to scroll down a complete website can see the video about what your brand is all about.

The search engine giant Google has started featuring video content above other basic standard web pages and this has led more organizations to implement good video content on their web designs. So, offer full-screen video and great video content to make your brand easily searchable.

In 2019, we are definitely looking out for many interesting and out of the box full-screen videos and eye-catchy video content from many reputed brands.

5. Easy Navigation- Thumb-friendly

The revolutionary increase in the use of smartphones has lowered down the use of desktop to browsing anything. In this digitized era, a huge ratio of population indulges in mobile browsing. This demands organizations to make their web design easy to navigate, thumb-friendly basically. If you use a smartphone, you must be aware of how we all are fond of using the thumb for navigation. Isn’t it? A good example of thumb navigation is the changed placement of the hamburger menu at the bottom of the mobile screens. It eases the navigation process for mobile users and they can click with ease with their thumbs. Looking at the benefit of thumb-friendly navigation techniques, more and more organizations are implementing this in their web designs.

 Take an example of YONO app

You can clearly spot the bottom line in the second image where all the navigation options are indicated. These type of web designs are considered the best of all.

6. Massive topography:

Web designers are not hesitating in trying our massive and dramatically experimental topography in their web designs. Surprisingly, some of the web designs with out-of-the-box topography has been loved by a huge ratio of audiences like anything.

In 2019, this topography trend will show you many big moves through oversized text, unconventional text formatting techniques, and many other experimental topography trends.

Wrapping up-

we tried to sum up the best picked 6 highly effective web design trends that can give any brand a massive increase in growth rate. You can try any of these 6 trending visual web design trends without any hesitation. Let us know if you are willing to know some more trending web design ideas to use in 2019.

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