I have read many places that don’t optimize your website for search engine and they also guide us to make the website only user-friendly. Firstly as SEO marketers I don’t believe that optimizing website for search engine isn’t a good practice. I am not going to give any spam practice at all but like to make you understand that search engine algorithm is quite different from real users. A website is not equally clear in front of search engine as it in among humans.  I personally believe that only failures have such issues and they shouting like SEO is dead, SEO has no more scope, Links value has finished. While I search for SEO is dead I found there are major websites has explained that SEO is not dead but they did not focus what factors generate such question.
SEO is dead

Life is the name of changing so why suppose the traditional SEO marketing still useful. Stop blaming SEO and analysis your practice with SEO checklist of 2014 and assume where you are lacking. Recently, Jayson DeMers also shared a post on Forbes and cleared that content, links and social media will remain three major pillars of online marketing in 2014. While people sound like SEO is dead I feel competition is dead because SEO isn’t just about making your website more search engine friendly but it’s about online marketing for your services or products that you serves.  Let’s check what recent activities happened by Google, and people start to hear “SEO dead”?

Securing Search by Hidden Game of Not Provided Keywords   –

Activity – This was the biggest reason which marketers made frustrated and disappoints also Google criticized by online marketers from all over the world. Because this way Google started to hide the search keywords for organic traffic from logged Google users but did not affect on CPC paid search keywords sources. It generates many questions in mind like – Why it so? Isn’t it a trick by Google to attract new paid users? End of keywords, End of SEO etc.

Solutions – Even Google still calculates organic traffic and showing in Google analytics within “Not provided” section. It has become very important to perform excellent research on Google analytics to analysis best possible keywords that are attracting your visitors on your website. There is good thread you can see to know learn How To Optimize “Not Provide” Content in Google Analytics?

Keyword Planner – Broad Keywords Search Gone

Activity – In recent years there are many products has been modified in functions like Google analytics, webmaster and also Google keywords tool replace by Google keywords planner.  The broad search result is now finished and by default only exact match keywords search is producing by Google.  It also generates questions isn’t it another tactic to demoralize SEO?

Solutions – Google still a major source for keywords selection process with Google trends, the Google keywords planner but now keywords selection has become a more Curial task for marketers so they are also used alternate keywords tools like Bing keywords tool, Moz’s keywords difficulty tool, word tracker etc. Targeting three to four keywords with a page still a good practice for SEO but be natural avoid keywords stuffing. SEOBook, has come up with a very good info-graphic static SEO Is Not Dead And Will Never Die


Another Google update by

There are some more updates that generate question among markers that SEO is finished? Let’s take a few of such updates Penguin 2.0, 2.1 on October 4, Hummingbird on August 20 “Payday Loan” Update on June 11 and Panda #25 — March 14. These updates affect search and many websites fall in search engine result not only small business affected but also few major websites came into these updates. For more information on Google updates check here

Google takes manual action if it is considered that a website is involved in any suspicious tactic to manipulate search engine ranking. Google now display manual action status on webmaster tool and also provides other options like disavow tool to revoked manual action and reconsideration request options.


SEO is not any one property it’s about online marketing and it will remain alive until completion will grow. Even its Google, adobe or anyone all have to face competition and marketing is the online major factor of their success. So it’s the best time to polish your SEO tactic, SEO is far from dead, however changing drastically that people need to learn and overcome from less of a marketing tactic.