No doubt that Social media has become the first choice to improve branding of business among internet marketers. About 80% youth available on various social media sites and it’s very easy to express your business services in front of them. There is also very nice opportunity for small and mid Size Company to show their core competence and expertise among people. Every company is running behind to attract new customers on these sites and its improving their business brands with the help of advance social media gadgets. Flying blindly will be wrong choice so it’s very important to first set your goals and continue work to achieve them.

Identify Your Audience: Conveying a right massage at right time to right audience is very challenging task among business on social media sites. One need to understand what is your business niche and where your audience lives? Social media is sea and it’s not ever easy to market within, only smart swimmer can swim well. Gaining new customers is a success key of any business and social media is full of mix audience so it becomes challenging task to extract them.

Monitor Your Competitors:
Monitoring competitor activities is important factor in every business, no matter you are small or big industry because in every phase of business you will have to face competition. It’s also important to understand who influence from your competitors what kind of people like and share their updates. It will make your task bit easy and you can set up for right social campaign for your brand promotions.

Flexible to Adopt New Technology: All social media websites continue improving their algorithm and providing new opportunities to create a professional business profile. It looks like they want to defeat other social channels by providing better features to their users. Now it’s expecting from social marketer to search new and better way of promotion on social networking websites. Now social media marketer duty is keep growing as now they also need to keep maintain online reputation on these social channels. In suggestion I also like to share nice info-graphics that explain how to build strong online presence.

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Facebook Branding: Facebook now has completed his 10 year in social media industry Facebook is now very common among business, but still many marketers avoid power of this network, there are few social plug-in can be very useful and outshine your Facebook business profile. I let you know all steps that one should follow – Firstly, Create Facebook business pages by following simple instruction. Keep ensure to provide a specialized look to Facebook business pages by adding a professional Facebook banner, attractive and informative description, address etc. Even you can buy likes from boost likes to gain quick popularity and If you are new then you can follow some professional company Facebook business page to see how they entered their business details on their Facebook page i.e. clicks here.

Once you have created business page on Facebook then you need to go with some social plugin like

  • Facepile – This plugin displays Facebook profile photos of people who have connected with your Facebook page or app. You can get the code at Facebook Facepile plugin.


  • Communication – Increase interaction is major goal of any social business profile. But it has been assume that many businesses don’t reply of visitors comment. But it’s really important to understand that comments reply is very necessary for business pages. It generates more confidence among audience those will have first entry on your Facebook business profile.
  • Embedded Posts – Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded. It is really magical code to promote it in blogs and other social media platform.
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  • Facebook Insight – Facebook insight helps to measure success of any campaign. Simply you become able to know your best Facebook content. Isn’t it a nice way to create your upcoming campaign by measuring failure and success ratio?
  • Facebook Review – Facebook allow companies to include a review section on the business pages so visitors can review and rate to the business profile. According to a recent blog, review and rating of products or services are major concerned for online reputation management of 2014

LinkedIn Brands: While we speak about top professional social networking site than LinkedIn come first in our mind. LinkedIn provides the best platform to direct interaction with professional people. However groups and forums available in various social networking websites but the LinkedIn is first choice among professionals because LinkedIn member are more professional in nature. LinkedIn also offers various similar platforms like adding company on LinkedIn, increase followers, creating community etc. Check here for other LinkedIn services and find what are you missing at LinkedIn


  • Reach out on various community
  • Post frequently, Appreciate other
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Create a company page
  • Add People on your company
  • Place controversial statements in Groups

Google Plus Branding: Google plus is powered by Google that has taken great place among people. Before Google+ almost all social products were failed of Google like Google buzz. There is no argument that Google plus is valuable for branding or not, as we can see there are many millions of people has already joined Google plus. Below function that should followed by a business owner to create stronger presence at Google plus –

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  • Complete your Profile
  • Join professional community
  • Always Post with comments
  • Have G+1 Button on blog and website
  • Set Google Authorship by adding links of your content
  • Increase review of your business or products
  • Add your company pages

However there are more social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, stumble and thousands of other I can give tips for all social networking sites. Honesty is the best policy so be real, be professional, be nice and see success will run behind you” AroraFeaturedSEOSocial MediaSocial media guide,startup in social media,tips to create business page in social mediaNo doubt that Social media has become the first choice to improve branding of business among internet marketers. About 80% youth available on various social media sites and it's very easy to express your business services in front of them. There is also very nice opportunity for small and...SEO Blogs