Welcome to my blog “THE SEO INK” talking about online marketing, blogging and also helping small online business to endure online with marketing and search engine optimization tips. Well, I am Vikas is working as an online marketer for four years – most of these days I wore many hats to manage complicated workflows. In all of Vikas’s past, he has consistently worked for lead generation, sales, newsletter signups, memberships, Increase website traffic, search engine optimization and more.


“My passion to write” is the first factor behind this blog as my blog reflects my personal opinion and thoughts in term of content. I Love computing and the internet and my professional background is Internet marketing so you would find more content related to web technology and relate to my interest. My blog THE SEO INK has aim to provide extensive content for readers, even I welcome to members or guest bloggers to get published their own content. Just share your unique idea first by making contact us page

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