Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for “Social Media Optimization” the ultimate goal of social media optimization is to drive social media traffic to your website by optimizing online content for social media distribution. It’s not only challenging process but also entertaining in compare of search engine optimization. All social networking websites object is to entertain their member by providing ultimate functions to perform like grouping, chatting, sharing, videos sharing etc. In fact social media is place where we can’t bore audience so it becomes more important to be smarter. It’s useless to share your website links with promotional title in social media optimization. It can be more attractive if you share funny image with a relevant massage to target your social media audience.

Goal of Social media Optimization

As I said above that members use social media websites for different purpose and they don’t like to see advertising post on their social wall so never try this until you are not belong to a big brand you need to be smarter on social media promotion. There are two main objects of social media optimization, first is to obtain new relevant traffic from social networking website and second increasing fan following of your company brand.

There are many things for small business can do to websites and mobile content more shareable through social media power, of course, such as connecting a social buttons, groups creation, engagement . Such implementation is example of social media optimization or anything that makes it simple for people to share content come in optimization process because they are optimizing content for social sharing.

SMO Success Rules  

Quality Content and Stay Fresh – It’s really simple rule –Quality generate share itself. Suppose you share the information that trained or inspire someone to do something, there is higher chances of continue getting shares from such contents.

A million dollars isn,t cool, You know whats’s cool?


Social Buttons – Social buttons are very important in SMO. Just place buttons at header or footer area where people are most likely to click and distribution content. It is also positive in search engine ranking because more sharing means more trust for your website.

Social Engagement – The social media is well known for easy communication, we all know that we can easily communicate or get in touch in social media with everyone. For example you can find celebrities, Politian and large business on twitter and they are frequent with member’s engagement. So it is very important for small business to get engaged with their audience you need to reply and you need to comment too. Whatever the technique, getting people to respond to your comment has a viral result.

Shares Your Stuff and Reward valuable users – Sharing own content widely in different social media channel are a key in any SMO strategy. More channels you share your content, the more likely it will be seen and shared by people who don’t visit your website to see it there. Also give your contributors and readers the recognition they deserve.