We all know that YouTube acquire by Google, but not several people know the secret that this is the second largest search engine but unfortunately, many start up businesses do not use this video site for market their business.  Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. This blog contain Tips and trick for newbie and allow users to perform better with YouTube.

Youth’s Next choice is YouTube

Here is a simple mantra more visitors more business, If your video not has more hit then you have to think again about extra ordinary strategies to Make YouTube more attractive such as use of good keyword not only in video title as well as in the description.

Place the main Keyword in Tag also a cleaver tricks, and do not worry YouTube allow user to add tags key to uploaded video, but the limitation also here so use only most appropriate or better ranking keywords in tag.

Although attractive video is key but do not neglect that unique & relevant content is king so always upload attractive but also unique and relevant video. Actually visual content catch easily and memorable to longer time then the plain text, and simply people are now more intelligent they don’t want to waste time in read content line by line instead the prefer to view multimedia content. Use Social Media for get more expose if you have not experience how to attract visitor then you cans Buy YouTube Views. YouTube has made it easier for anyone to live stream content to the world as well as improved mobile video playback. Look at this video which gives YouTube Tips and tricks to Increase user engagement in your apps with YouTube APIs

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How to Uploaded video on YouTube

Do not afraid to upload new video, the process is user friendly and step-by-step, you have to register yourself on YouTube or can access your Gmail id, and then click on upload video button.

YouTube support mostly major video format, and can use any device to shoot your video even cell phone or web came also an option, after record for give final touch you need to video editor software that can be download from internet without pay any charges.

So, finally you ready to upload but, rest and keep in mind before uploaded video that the video quality is an important thing in terms of attract visitors. Hope so you know now the secret how to do on YT.

YouTube Shortcuts Keys

It is always a great to know some shortcuts to perform activity in smart manner and it has been assume that many people ignore short keys which does not sound cool. I have listed some shortcuts that you can use with YouTube-

  • J – Jump back 10 sec
  • L – Jump forward 10 sec
  • K – Toggles play/pause
  • M – Mutes the audio
  • Left/right arrows – To rewind or fast-forward 5 seconds.
  • Up/down arrows – To Volume control.
  • Home – To Jump to start of video.
  • End –  To Jump to end of video.
  • F – To enter full screen mode.
  • Esc – To exit full screen mode

Why YouTube Is More Popular

Although there are other videos sharing sites on the internet even few are the big brand such as MetaCafe, Yahoo video or Viddler but what the reason people love to YT and make the cyber world’s number one video networking sites in a sort time. Nobody knows that exact mantra that YT using , but still there are few things that make stand you YouTube different from crowd. High Speed video downloads, more customization and personalization options for members, aggressive marketing platform, provide video keywords tool also provide great earning options via YouTube.

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Make Money on YouTube

You might be aware that millions of new videos uploaded in every day even in less time that makes YT in worlds most visit website. Due to lots of visits and great audience YouTube has come as great source of earning.

More organization or industries using this site to promote their product or make any event public, most of business have their own official channel on YouTube.com for uploaded training program or tutorial but also uploading official tour or event videos on YouTube.

Build Your Community

YouTube is another social media platform where you can get involved with millions of professionals or unprofessional members. Unlike other social media channels your activity shows in your social media network that make sense of increase on the number of viewers of your videos. It is hard to say that all interesting videos can become viral until it does not get enough expose or supports from each viewers.

How it is great if you have good network which view your videos, post some comments and pass your video on their networks.

Outreach to Blogs

Don’t set your limits of exposure in YouTube only because there is some other ways that can help to your video content to get more viewers . You need to write some spicy blog related to your video and audience who might like your video. Even many other bloggers or writer keeps search some interesting videos to show their regular audience and your video can be one of their choices.

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Keep in touch 

Below I am listing some YouTube Social media resources which is a nice way to keep in touch with updates on YouTube.

I wish you become next YouTube Star 🙂

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