“It Takes 20 Years To Build A Good Reputation, But It Just Takes 5 Minutes To Ruin It”. With smartphones and connected apps, it is easier than ever for people to learn about your company, products, and services through social channels like Facebook, twitter, etc., voice their opinions about you and your business there, and see what other people are saying about your products and services online. Therefore, online reputation management or ORM India has a serious part in presenting your brand in a better way. But, how do you ensure your business is positively represented online? In this post, we have mentioned 5 key ways to protect your online reputation on social media platforms:

1. Respond To Comments And Complaints
Social media must be a part of your company’s brand customer service strategy. Also, you can display how professionally and quickly your brand responds to its customers on many popular social media platforms. Keep in mind that secondhand reviews only give potential clients a snapshot of private communication with brands. However when a whole conversation between your brand and a buyer is available online, then potential customers can measure the value of your brand for themselves.

2. Ensure Your Customer Service Apps Are Working
If you’re personalized apps connected to your social media accounts, then check the links often to ensure they’re working properly. In case they are broken, just turn them off and fix them fast. People frequently go to Facebook to share experienced and frustrations, so having a great app that makes it simple and easy for them to chat, email and call you will help you serve them while keeping negative views and comments off of your public page.

3. Account Hacks
Internet hacking has become a thread on social media for quite some years and can have hostile effects on all strides your company has made in trying to depict a positive brand image and engaging customers both potential and existing once. Therefore, you have to guard your social accounts by keeping your passwords complex and change them from time to time, particularly when an employee who had access leaves your company. Create robust passwords means include numbers or symbols in the passwords.

4. Use Testimonials
A great way to create a positive online reputation and protect against negative or bad reviews is to include a testimonial section on your site. Conduct interviews and write customer success stories and publish on your site. You can also use direct quotes from reviews written by real clients. Must response to negative reviews every time.

5. Interact With People & Businesses
If someone asks you a question on social media, then response fast as it will show that your business is practical and customer-focused. Say “Thanks” to those customers who write positive reviews and re-tweet them. Having a positive and engaged presence on social media channels builds your reputation but promotes positive reviews as well. The best way to protect your online reputation is hire a popular and reliable SEO company in India that provides ORM services.

If you have ever had a social media crisis and you recovered from that, then we would love to hear in the comments below.

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