The fact that not everyone knows is the benefits of using video marketing have risen from 63% in 2017 to 81% in 2018. It clearly means that video marketing trends are an important tool for your sales utility belt.  It has been observed an amazing growth in the video marketing trend from the past two years. No matter if you are looking for some hot, delicious recipe or looking to find the most stylish way to go to a party, video marketing is always there!

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One cannot ignore its impact with 76% of marketers reporting that video has helped increase their company sales! That’s huge though! Not only companies but teenagers who used to scream for some famous personalities some years ago are not admiring bloggers, You Tubers with the equal amount of love.

Today, in our quick handy guide, we would be explaining;

The Video Marketing Trends

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started:

  1. Spielberg in your pocket
  2. It’s hip to be square
  3. Lookout! It’s behind you!
  4. Do not break your bank
  5. Invite the world to your home
  6. It’s still cool to be slick

Let’s discover them all in detail:

  1.  In Spielberg in your pocket:

Is there is anyone of your known who is without a smartphone? Well, we all know the answer. You might forget your wallet, your keys while leaving off from house but never ever your phone. There are so many of extraordinary smartphone available in the market with such realistic image quality that you can create images and videos for your online users so that they can feel they are with you., climbing mountain, chilling out with friends, eating burgers and whatnot.

  • It’s hip to be square:
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Just a few years ago, people were fascinated by the widescreen TV to get that full cinema experience at home. But today it seems like that Televisions will be collecting dust if our habits evolve to continue.

You need to just look around your coffee shop if you didn’t understand what I meant to say. The buzz of conversation is lost somewhere and is replaced by staring at screens while sipping a latte. According to a, the average person spends 40 minutes every day watching mobile videos online and it is predicted in terms of hours watched in 2019, the internet will catch up with television for sure! Images are evolving from the wide and horizontal format to the vertical because of this rise of mobile video.

  • Look out! It’s behind you!

360 videos are a new trend specially evolved in the travel and tourism industry.

With a more 3-Dimensional, immersive experience via video, users feel like they are right there even though they might be eating popcorns, chilling on the sofa, taking a sip of coffee.

  • Do not break your bank

Who wants to spend more on marketing? Obviously, no one! You can market your product and services in the most effective way without even spending much. All you need is a good quality camera and an editing app. Just boost up your creativity with only these two things and present your company in such a way that it would attract a huge group of potential users in no time!

  • Invite the world to your home

Videos can not only be used in marketing your products and services but it can do much than you ever think of. It is not less than a nightmare to take a break from your busy schedule and join the classes just for the sake of training and get bored for hours and hours! Frustrating isn’t it? Well, both clients and employees can get benefit from e-learning videos.

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Videos convey much more than the words! You can use your creativity with animations, various editing applications to convey your ideas to a major group of people at the same time. Not only this but also you can even train more employees at one time. They can learn it even sitting at their house at their own comfortable time. You can also save much money cutting all the fronts on employees.

  • It’s still cool to be slick

We understand, broadcasting live might look daunting to you but if you want to keep your business to the latest trend, it is something you should not ignore. If you ever look at the Instagram live trend, you will find that Instagram is driving many trends in Video Marketing than about 50 million more users than Snapchat! Also, the Facebook live chat has also doubled year on year since its beginning. Undoubtedly, it is growing at a high rate. You won’t believe but 13% of web traffic from the video comes from live videos.

Wondering how? Well, these are some of the reasons:

  1. Economical: once the videos are created, they are forever there on the platform to be shared and reposted. So, it is one of the major benefits of this rising trend.
  2. Authentic: Target audiences are more likely to live videos because if you do this, your business looks more authentic to them.
  3. Compiling: in comparison with pre-recorded counterparts, users spend three times longer watching live videos online.

Also, the most powerful strength of the video marketing trend is to spread your message to millions of consumers across the globe. Only one engaged user is enough to achieve this.

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Time to wrap up:

These were some of the Video marketing trends that will carry on into 2019. Remember, just videos need to be complicated to achieve it. There are millions of popular videos campaigns available today on the internet that is extremely simple. It’s more important to target your potential customers than to make complicated videos.

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