Digital Marketing is the only field that is growing at a major extent from the last decade. It is different from all the other kinds of marketing as it needs an integrated set of tactics requiring a diverse skill set. This is something that requires both technical and creative … both left and right-brained.  The time has gone when people used to distribute tasks across various business units and outside contractors. It is not at all effective anymore. Wondering what are the digital marketing skills needs to succeed on this fast-evolving web? Well, this is what we are going to discuss today, i.e.

  1. Best skills for becoming Digital Marketing Superstar
  2. Tools & Platforms that can do wonders for digital marketing

Let’s start discussing them in detail.

Best skills for becoming Digital Marketing Superstar

Have a look, these are some of the digital marketing skills:

  1. Data Analysis.
  2. Paid social media advertising.
  3. Email Marketing.
  4. Search Engine Marketing.
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Viral Marketing.
  7. Mobile Marketing.
  8. Social Media Marketing.
  9. Visual Marketing.
  10. Technology Tools and Platforms.

Keeping all the above points in the checklist while doing perfect digital marketing can make any professional a star performer the industry positively. Let’s discuss them one by one in detail:

Data Analysis: Digital Marketing is not about big data, it mainly focuses that what you do with the data. This is what a good expertise data analysis person does. With access to technology tools and platforms, the analytical scientist basically invades the data.

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Paid social media advertising: Do you know? In the year 2019, nearly $25 billion spent on social advertising. Facebook advertising done well can be very effective. But what are the skills and topics you need to be master in? Have a look at some of them:

  • How to use Facebook’s analytics tool “Facebook Insights”
  • What is oCPM bidding and how to do it well
  • How to experiment and test creative images
  • What can be done with “Lookalike” audiences
  • The granular targeting of “Custom audiences
  • Use “Power Editor” well
  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that is often underestimated. You’re most loyal and committed prospects, customers, and advocates will want to keep in close touch via email in spite of various social media platforms present today. A lot of sales results, as well as marketing campaigns, take place because of email marketing.
  2. Search Engine Marketing: There are two aspects related to search engine marketing, these are as follow:
  • For organic earned search, optimize your blog, website or content.
  • Use Paid “SEM” (search engine marketing). One part is paying for clicks using Google’s Adwords.

Don’t neglect to build earned the authority to rank high on search engines as it takes time. it ends up driving the majority of your traffic over time.

  • Content Marketing: Content is the king of digital marketing. You need images, blog posts, infographics, free eBooks and the list goes on. If all are done perfectly, it leads to increased engagement, improved SEO and leads and sales.
  • Viral Marketing: Viral Marketing includes the procedure of brand awareness perspective. Keep the content of high quality. Also focus on getting the occasional Video, blog post or image to go viral. Weave some of those tactics into your marketing campaigns.
  • Mobile Marketing: Many marketers do not realize the value of having a mobile application that makes all the functioning easy. Even there are a lot of marketers whose websites are not even mobile-friendly. Thus it leads to the miscommunication and the engagement breaks down between you and your potential customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: There are a lot of social networks and social media marketing tools that allow you to leverage your efforts including automation. It is a prior thing as it includes a range of tactics to achieve the right goals.
  • Visual Marketing: It is rightly said that visuals work better than words. It impacts a never-ending impression on the reader’s mind.  It has been observed that visuals bring more engagement to the post in comparison of written status. The visual marketing skill is worth mastering.
  • Technology Tools and Platforms: Gone are the days when marketer’s job was often about managing the advertising agency. Now they must know what the technology is.
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Tools & Platforms that can do wonders for digital marketing

Free Tools:

There are a number of free tools available in the market. Some of them are as follow to have digital marketing skills:

If you want to enjoy various other features and functions, all you need to do is to switch to the premium versions of all these tools.


You can scale your marketing efforts by digital marketing, email marketing and specialist social media marketing platforms.

Digital marketing platforms:

There are a number of Digital Marketing platforms available today. You just need to go through them carefully and then decide which suits your requirements the best.

Email marketing platforms:

There are hundreds of platforms available for E-mail marketing. Some of them are as follow:

Apart from these techniques, there are other ways as well that improve market tactics. These are as follow:

  • Get to know your target market.
  • Pick channels to reach this market
  • Have a consistent look and message
  • Work on clear content strategy.
  • Make sure your message is directed toward achieving your goals
  • Make sure your teams are working seamlessly together
  • Track campaigns

Time to sum up

These were some of the Key Skills You need to become a Digital Marketing Superstar. Adopt these tactics, work on these and bang on! Nobody could stop you from getting on top of all. AroraDigital MarketingDigital Marketing is the only field that is growing at a major extent from the last decade. It is different from all the other kinds of marketing as it needs an integrated set of tactics requiring a diverse skill set. This is something that requires both technical and creative...Vikas AroraVikas Aroravikas.hony1@gmail.comAdministratorVikas Arora is a search marketing expert and SEO strategist for JanBask Digital Design. Vikas has been practicing SEO for five years and has built a track record of getting websites ranked in the top in even the most competitive environment.THE SEO INKSEO Blogs