Due to the advancement in technology, businesses are not restricted to a specific place, city or even a country. The word “specific” is now replaced by “Global.” All thanks to technology! From the past few years, the e-Commerce industry is running at a prominent treadmill and is continuously rising. Marketers should be aware of the emerging technologies which will help them clinch a competitive edge and make them able to develop futuristic ways to enhance their business and generate high ranks and leads and help them improve their relationship with their customer. In this post, we are going to discuss the top 10 trends of e-Commerce marketing that are seriously going to influence the future of technology. Let’s get straight at the changes that are most likely to be seen in e-Commerce marketing.

Not just mobile-friendly, but mobile-optimized

Afterwards 2013, responsive web design spread like a bonfire and in today’s world, mobile shopping has become more famous and most important for every individual even Google also give priority to a website that gives smooth user experience to users so prepare for mobile-first indexing. People prefer to buy needful stuff online and most preferably through mobile. When responsive web design came into existence, that time mobile-friendly websites became famous.

But now, you can see, online businesses are scrambling to build their sites that can blossom on smartphones, wearables, tablets and smart TVs. Do not forget to add “Voice search” option in your mobile-optimized site; it can do wonders! Voice will be the leading driver of innovation in the world of e-Commerce.

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Customer Services

With the elevation of online shopping, people prefer buying doodah’s online because of the wide options and comfort of their own space anywhere and anytime. Because of the same reason, sometimes there can be issues occur while shopping online like- denial of order, wrong delivery of product, cancelation of order, etc. In such cases, there is a requirement of customer care support and this feature will increase in the coming time.

Selling on Omni-channel

Omni-channel means trading of products from multiple outlets. For instance, the same product you’re searching on Amazon will also be available on eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, etc. Simply putting your products in new places may not appear like marketing, but indeed it will affect your sales. It will increase the popularity of your brand and the product you are selling online.

Rich “Digitally Native” Strategies

With more shopping and payment options available, customers are becoming empowered and smart. Must Remember! People buy with their hearts and justify with their heads. Therefore, it is indispensable to win their trust, but also maintain quality and logistics of the business.

Content- The Sangraal for business growth

According to a reputed JanBask Digital Design Content is a crucial part of increasing traffic on your e-Commerce website. One size of content does not fit all; moreover, a customer wants appropriateness in the content. Delivering the right content at the right time to the right audience might be tricky, but believe me; it will add a big value to your e-Commerce strategy and will boost user engagement results.

Brand and Author identity

Guest blogging is rapidly growing in the world of e-Commerce which suggests both businesses and authors are vital in the coming years. It means the death of anonymous SEO. Writers also look for recognition, and this is a great way to increase the worth of your brand and create an identification of the author.

Individualized experiences

Stores are selling individualized products becoming more popular now. You can see individualized products like pen drives, t-shirts, pens, notebooks, and more products which are personalized.

There are many e-Commerce websites available that sell customized products. Although it is a time-consuming task, still it’s a worth to be done. Also, take a glance at how you’ll feel while writing with the pen of your name. Happy!

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Fig: Personalized coke can start by Coca-Cola


Suppose you find a pair of elegant specs on an e-Commerce website after clicking an ad. But you end up leaving the website; either you’re not ready to buy or get distracted by work. Later, you find the same specs on social media or again on google or your favourite websites. That’s remarketing.

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Choose how to pay

Customers nowadays are not limited to cash on delivery or cards as the payment options. Convenient and more payment models which are secure for buyers, as well as sellers, are in big demand now. Payment gateways like eWallets, magnetic cards, EMV, chip card readers, and most prominent cashback services are the most popular payment options available now and will be in great demand shortly.

“Quality” not Quantity

Retailers have now understood that having more variety in the products will not win the customers. Now, the focus is shifted to enhance the customized shopping experience by introducing new features. Do not populate unnecessary updates; rather focus on introducing new features. Personalized and targeted marketing will turn to browse customers (customer who leave stores without buying) into paying customers.

Things to Note

These are some of the most important e-Commerce trends. Make sure you’re scrutinizing these booming trends of e-Commerce. Marketing propelled by what e-Commerce is doing, so holding a finger on the pulse of what’s coming will be the lead. So, hit the nail on the head and understand the future strategies and trends of e-Commerce. The choice is not tomorrow; it’s today. Conduct connections that amplify your business beyond products. Are you ready for this?

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