Creating custom Google Analytics Reports is a must for better traffic analysis and to gain a deep view of your website visitor’s behavior.  There is some common question among new analytics users like how they can exclude traffic which they are getting from their office, how can exclude IP/Country/City traffic to view useful traffic on the website. Google analytic is a very smart analytic tool which provides facility for excluding data by the filter function. Let’s see how to exclude –

IP Exclusion in Google Analytics

 If you want to exclude traffic that you are receiving from your internal departments like staff who visit the website regularly or even your visit on a website should be excluded to get more realistic data in google analytics.  IP exclusion is possible with Google analytics and it is required you to list all the IP address that you want to exclude –


Note – If you have multiple IP addresses, you can create many filters one filter.

City/Country Exclusion in Google Analytics

Just like IP exclusion marketer may need to exclude traffic from country or city for better analysis. You can create a filter that excludes traffic from selected countries. When you exclude country in this way, you are stopping all hits originating from those excluded country/city from being part of your Google Analytics traffic. The major reason to do this would be to prevent spam hits. Here is an example of country exclusion 


(China|India) means exclude traffic from China and India.

Only Paid Search Traffic

Another way to get more relevant and traffic data from your targeted location, you can filter paid search traffic. It will list your preferred data as you always run the paid advertising campaign in your target market location. Through this view, you can determine how paid search traffic use your website and move through the conversion funnel. Follow steps from below screenshot to get a better view for you –

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