Internet revolutions in India have given lot of changes on online trading as now there is no need to hire big space in local market for local manufacture to sell their products. They can sell their products or services online globally or locally with the help of internet.  According to a survey in India, we found that over 2.5 crore Indian people has started online shopping. In other hand it continues opening new door of jobs to technical or non technical people in eCommerce world. Ecommerce business not only helping to big brands but has came as big opportunity for Indian art like handmade crafts, suites and some more hidden quality of Indian to come out in local and global market.

Revolution in eCommerce – This time we have ecommerce industry about 1200 crore and it is expected to reach at 7500 crore in next two years,  Flipkart, homeshop18, Jabong, Myntra are big name on Indian ecommerce industry and choice on Indian consumers.  No doubt that internet revolutions and social media played a vital role at behind success of these portals and continue hearing new names in Indian ecommerce industry.

Scope of E commerce – ecommerce is a growing field and we can say that it’s just a beginning in India. Ecommerce businesses are looking to target more cities in India where ecommerce is not yet reached. Nowadays people have not enough time to go market to buy everything and ecommerce provide a platform to customers to buy products from anywhere. Smart phones are also helping to increase the number of ecommerce users.  Now it is very important to understand that technology playing a major role in eCommerce business and there are lots of opportunities available in ecommerce market for trained employees.

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Game of Winning Consumer’s Trust – For any start up it is very important to have a strong team to win the trust of customers. Team must have product managers, quality assurance, technical backup, digital marketers etc. There are lots of things that every eCommerce business needs to take care to win the trust of users. For an example customer must be able to browse products easily on your website, you must deliver products at right time with quality assurance.  

Story of Indian E commerce Business Heroes

If anyone requires getting motivation for eCommerce business we don’t need to search people out of India. There are many successful Indian businessman/women who started from beginning but now they are at top in ecommerce market. Let’s take few names,

Dinesh Agarwal for – Initial I can say that is second biggest business to business website in the world. But if we go few years back, we would find that Dinesh Agarwal was started his career as software engineer at CMC ltd (Tata group of company). But his vision was clear that he wanted to open some an IT business and now he is idol for Indian youth.

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal for – Four year ago shopclues entered in ecommerce market with three members. We may find a number of startup companies around us and due to lack of vision, passions and opportunity they all don’t convert into big names. is most inspiring source as there are some amazing facts we have that may surprise anyone. Let’s read few words from Radhik Ghai Aggarwal (Co-Founder and Chief Marketing officer) which she said in interview with a Indian media channel “Our company turnover was 50 crore in 2012-13, which was 350 crore in 2013-2014 and we have set target for 1000 crore for 2014-2015 and we know we can achieve it easily”.

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Manu Agarwal for – Naaptol also known as price comparison search engine for various products or services. Manu Agarwal who has done IIT from Kanpur University would never think that he could open big company like

There are many other stories which may inspire to start-up or small business and encourage them for better entrepreneurship and proved of bright future of ecommerce in India. As it’s an SEO blog we like to take your attention toward connection between internet marketing in ecommerce that help these businesses to reach at consumers mind.


Connection between Internet Marketing and E-commerce

Internet marketing and e-commerce relation is very close because no ecommerce technology can help on improving sales without valuable marketing. The success of any online business at present strongly depends on successful Internet marketing and it also matter for ecommerce business. Internet marketing is available to the customer 24/7 and it is inexpensive way of promoting business to online business. One thing I like more about internet marketing and search engine optimization that it provides equal opportunity to big brands and small brands so even small business can do wonder with their extensive work. You need to make sure  that you are using latest search engine optimization technique because traditional SEO link building technique can harm your website visibility in search engines. Internet also helps to spread e-commerce business on different model where products and services are sold directly to consumers (B2C), businesses to business (B2B) or from one consumer to consumer (C2C).

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Consumers are becoming search specialist on these days, Google or other search engines are major platform for them to find anything very easy. In fact consumer first wants to make small research at search engines or ask at social networking website to know about product quality or services. In short consumer likes to see positive votes, reviews, customer videos, testimonials to learn more about products quality and services. Avoiding search engine optimization can be very costly for any business as  the primary objective of SEO services is to make sure that your content is easily understood by people and search-engine algorithms, so it may be found easily,  when consumers search.

Image courtesy of Vlado / AroraEcommerceInternet revolutions in India have given lot of changes on online trading as now there is no need to hire big space in local market for local manufacture to sell their products. They can sell their products or services online globally or locally with the help of internet.  According...Vikas AroraVikas Aroravikas.hony1@gmail.comAdministratorVikas Arora is a search marketing expert and SEO strategist for JanBask Digital Design. Vikas has been practicing SEO for five years and has built a track record of getting websites ranked in the top in even the most competitive environment.THE SEO INKSEO Blogs