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A website with lots of Colors and function isn’t guaranteed of earning money from it. It is essentials to show your online business to the right people at right time and if you are unable to do this then you are losing money by not using SEO. You must know that number of people searching for products and services which you are selling online but your business isn’t available to full fill their needs. Ultimately your competitors attracting search traffic by doing SEO. So today you should read this content which compiles you to think that why you have not yet used SEO for your business website.

The biggest brands you know today have opted a seamless Search Engine Optimization methodology in order to boost up their ranking on Google. We don’t say that it is easy to compete with major brands and in any short time, you can move your business like they did. But you will be happy to know that every website stands equally for Google crawlers as Google equal opportunity to every website. They crawl your website like they do for major brands. Google intend to give the best result for their users and to products result for their user they follow 200 search ranking factors. Whenever you search anything in Google search bar, Google first measure that which website can give you the best answer for the query than display result in terms of search index result.

Now when it has been cleared that Google intends to produce the best result to satisfied users’ needs, you might have a question that how your new website/startup/mid-size business can obtain the good ranking in search engine. However, we have a short answer which is “You need SEO service”. Yes, SEO service, because if the website is like a road than SEO services is like a direction board that informs you where to go to meet your destination. Every startup business or websites that are facing following issues can consider taking SEO services –

  • If no business from website
  • If your website does not appear in search engine
  • If your website getting no traffic generated on the websites
  • If your website traffic does not spend enough time after landing on your website.
  • If website facing low sales issues
  • If conversion rate is lower
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If your website lies in any of these categories, then you must follow an approach that was never followed before. And that approach is Search Engine Optimization which is defined as a methodology containing techniques, strategies, and different tactics for increasing the site traffic. This is attained by having high ranks in the page of search results from any search engine. These search engines include Bing, Yahoo, Google, and others.

One important aim of this methodology is to bring visitors to startup website for successful conversion of visitors into customers and ultimately work for their retention and so much more. Lets take a help to understand everything with the help of infographic –

An Easy Guide to SEO

From Visually.

And then there are a few websites that do not get expected sales and they are stretching their website forward with the hope they would get traffic. But that’s a dream fantasy every website owner lives in. What one who is promoting a website needs to understand is that website promotion and visibility is possible iff certain parameters are met and the right approach is followed. Say for example, why it is said that keywords are the heart of search engine optimization methodology. It is because these are elements that are matched against the search strings entered by the search engine user. For bringing a page to the top ranking, formation and spotting the right keyword is essential.

The importance of SEO can be well explained by this example – Consider an E-commerce portal that offers seamless services along with branded products in discount offers. In spite of every positive feature indicating that website should be ranking on the top results but it is not. That is due to the reason that your website is not working on an unmatched methodology that is essential for website’s ranking.

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For the website of any niche we know, it needs visitors and for visitors, you need seamless search engine optimization. Promotion of websites of education, tourism, fashion, E-commerce, and whatnot requires this approach and after months of continuous efforts, the results start to appear. Every website has unique USP, so it is important to check different package and consult to match your business needs. Many of tech savvy people in India still accept that search engine optimization is very necessary on their web site but with this blog I intend to aware people those are still staying behind the digital technology and I hope now you have understood the necessity of SEO for your business. AroraSEOA website with lots of Colors and function isn’t guaranteed of earning money from it. It is essentials to show your online business to the right people at right time and if you are unable to do this then you are losing money by not using SEO. You must...Vikas AroraVikas Aroravikas.hony1@gmail.comAdministratorVikas Arora is a search marketing expert and SEO strategist for JanBask Digital Design. Vikas has been practicing SEO for five years and has built a track record of getting websites ranked in the top in even the most competitive environment.THE SEO INKSEO Blogs