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This time I have come with some facts that I discover from freelance world for Indian SEO marketers. In early days I was in talked with number of clients for Internet marketing services and I found that most of clients had some unique perception about Indian companies that most of the SEO firms from India are fake and not trustable.

Why cheap

Let me clear few things about India perhaps we all knows that India is second most populated country in the world which make India as great source for men power for whole world, India serving men power in every industry including IT but another face is quite horrible as 8.8% population is still come under unemployment that make sense of big competition as employment is very affordable and people ready to work for cheapest wages.

Quality and Opportunity

Even we have lots of example where India have done lots of magic with small amount budget for latest example we can see successful Mars Orbiter Mission. I also want to repeat words of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi “India’s trip to Mars, at a price of $74 million, cost less than “Gravity,” the Hollywood movie” that is just an single example what Indians can do in low prices. In shorts it is fact that there are are lots of creamy opportunities available in India for foreign countries.

Against of unethical SEO

It is very important to clear here that I am not favoring people who blindly claims that they can do quick and cheap SEO even If you’re considering SEO as an investment for your online business, it is important to understand that “quick” and “cheap” SEO commitment are not going to win in the long run. I am also victim of some bad email and many times I also receive spam emails from fake email accounts which try to sell unethical SEO services.

Don’t Underestimate the Facts

But as being an Indian I don’t feel good while anyone use word like “Indian companies are not trustable”. We all might know that India’s TCS have become world’s second most valuable IT services firm. I think this post is going to be more social rather than technical let’s get back to the SEO world. J

As per concerned of SEO services from India, I like to start from myself I am working for Outshine Solutions and they are awesome. In other hands we can find more branded SEO Companies in India from Google. I am not going to recommend any name here but like to advise searchers that you must ask some useful question which recommends by Google before hiring SEO services either you hire from India or any country in the world. Let’s take a look on screen shot which give a clear idea about countries of origin spam –

Click here for Clear View


For more information visit – 


My comment at Forbes

I am also against of spammer but like to aware that spam has its own existence around the world. Any company can be measured via its quality and features and not by country. Or while you talk about India then India’s TCS Becomes the World’s Second Most Valuable IT Services Firm, take a look at another Forbes post


I also want to say that all point made isn’t about spamming but to against of ethics and platform SEO services are being sold. It has nothing to do with ethnicity or country but the methodology and quality of services marketed. I have advice for all people who are involved on selling unethical SEO services “Don’t jump into river without knowing swimming”. Finally it’s time to be in safe corner and like to mentioned that It’s all my personal opinion and my intention is not to hurt individual, organization or any object.